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Many years have passed since the death of his companions on Gauda Prime but Avon is still very much on the minds - and a thorn in the sides - of those in power. Expect the unexpected as Avon's enemies gather for a final battle - and take a trip back in time to uncover the shocking secrets of Servalan's childhood. Paul Darrow is an actor who is probably best know for his portrayal of Avon in Blake's 7 although he has appeared in many other television programmes and theatre productions and albeit briefly one or two films. He is currently the voice of independent radio station JACK FM. He has written Avon - A Terrible Aspect the novel of Queen: The Eye and You're Him Aren't You? a brief memoir published by Big Finish. He is an avid reader of novels and fascinated by military history. He lives with a small dachshund in Sussex. Lucifer: Genesis is the third and last book in the Lucifer trilogy.