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From the best-selling author of My Sister the Vampire comes a brand new paranormal romance for young girls. To their classmates Daniel and Justin are identical twin brothers. But in fact they couldn't be more different. The Packer twins are getting pretty good at this werewolf thing. The only trouble is Daniel is the werewolf but Justin is the one who's good at it. So Daniel concentrates on winning the Battle of the Bands with his group In Sheep's Clothing. But when his lyrics go missing the band's dreams of their first gig are shredded. And what will Debi do if she works out the song is about her? Meanwhile Justin totally does not want to win Homecoming King. Stuck up cheerleader Mackenzie Barton is sure to get voted Queen and the only person Justin could dance with in front of everybody is Riley...But Riley doesn't even know he exists

Puppy Love

is the second fun and exciting story in the new spin-off series My Brother the Werewolf. Sienna Mercer's young and innocent werewolf stories are perfect for 9+ girls who aren't quite ready for teen paranormal romance. It's High School Musical meets Camp Rock; the ideal book for girls who love to read.