det bedste valg The Vikings & the Celts: Ancient Warriors and Raiders (Ancient Warriors & Raiders) (Paperback) by Steele Philip Macdonald Fiona U2m0So5r

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Product Description:

This book lets you discover the dramatic world of the Celts and Vikings with how-to projects and 400 pictures. It features 30 fun step-by-step projects help you to recreate the past and learn through experience while having fun. Fascinating fact boxes provide extra insights and highlight links between the past and the present day. Packed with over 400 color photographs which add a high degree of visual impact to aid learning and make information accessible at many different levels. Illustrations include cross-sections historical maps and pictorial time lines. This book is ideal for home or school use for 8 to 12 year olds - a really stimulating and practical reference book that feels like fun not work. Two thousand years ago the warlike Celts dominated northern and central Europe. Hundreds of years later a group of fearsome fighters known as the Vikings raided parts of Europe from the North. 30 step-by-step projects help to bring these two warrior cultures alive in this fun and fact packed book. Complete with cross-sections historical maps and pictorial time line there is plenty to provide extra insight into these societies and highlight links with the present.