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This unique account of the Second World contains extraordinary colour photographs documenting Japan's rise and fall: from its forced entrance onto the world stage in 1854 through its first imperial adventures in China and its sudden attack on the United States and British forces in 1941 to its catastrophic defeat in 1945. Kamikaze pilots the young Emperor Hirihito on a state visit to England the attack on Pearl Harbor propaganda posters from the occupation of China troops praying for victory and allied prisoners of war at work are just some of the images in this fascinating portrait of the Japanese nation fighting at first for expansion then for survival. The background build-up and the war itself are described here from a Japanese standpoint to help explain why Japan was prepared to start a war that became a fight to the death. This book contains a unique and fascinating archive of colour photographs film stills and prints including photographs of Japanese troops planes and tanks in action that have never before been seen in the West.