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Internationally renowned mind-body-spirit innovator and fitness and wellness expert Jennifer Kries offers a groundbreaking synthesis of the greatest wisdom traditions of the East-from QiGong to yoga-to help readers reboot energy reserves and unleash their potential.Modern life is stressful and depleting. We all want more energy but choosing among the variety of wellness practices can be overwhelming. Now with Waking Energy her life-changing wellness program you don't have to. Instead Waking Energy features seven distinct practices that can either stand alone as their own complete rituals or as parts of a whole including: QiGong * Kundalini Yoga * Yin Yoga * Vinyasa Yoga * Five Tibetans * Pilates * Inner Smile * Healing Sounds * Meditation.Combining the best of Western athleticism Eastern philosophies and ancient practices from the greatest wisdom traditions Waking Energy invites you to develop a level of energy mastery that will empower enliven enlighten and engender true transformation in your health spiritual richness and longevity and:develop the body you've always dreamed of;liberate the hidden power of your mind;find the peace of mind you crave;unleash focus and concentration;master the tools to live your very best and longest life.Each chapter focuses on one tradition succinctly explaining the historical background of the practice; its philosophy; the relevant exercises and movement sequences (illustrated with photographs of Jennifer demonstrating the postures)-and includes a quick reference guide for daily practice. Jennifer also offers step-by-step advice for combining the techniques to truly transform your health fitness spiritual insight and longevity.With simplicity clarity and grace Waking Energy shows you how to experience a joyful connection to yourself and tap into an astonishing reserve of power to create your healthiest most vibrant self.